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Surrogacy is an overwhelming, intimidating, life changing, incredible experience. It can be likened to a roller coaster ride. There is fear, joy, thrills, excitement and confusion. In this course we seek to take the fear and confusion out of this “ride of a lifetime” so that you can approach this process armed with confidence and every tool you need to succeed. We will introduce each concept one at a time, covering each step with patience and clear cut tips for success.

Major topics include:

  • Basics of Surrogacy
  • Basics of Egg Donation
  • The Psychology behind Surrogacy & Egg Donation
  • How to Choose an Agency
  • The Matching Process
  • Legal Contracts
  • Embryo Testing & The Transfer Process
  • The Financial Aspects of Surrogacy

The best part? The All Things Surrogacy team is interactive. If you have questions as you move through this online course, we’re only an E-mail away. You’ll also have the support and advice of other intended parents who, just like you, and figuring this out as they go. In addition to your peers, you’ll also have a rich network of parents through surrogacy and experts who have paved the way through this thrilling science over the past three decades.

Are you ready to learn a lot, love a lot, and start your journey? Then come on, let’s get started.

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